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The Behavior Options menu, showing low, medium, high, and auto wiggle power settings.

Wiggle Power is a setting on the Behavior menu in Foldit. It's described in detail in a Foldit blog post. During a wiggle, the setting controls how much work the client does to determine the "ideal bond geometry".

Here are the levels and explanations seen in the Foldit client:

  • Low - force no ideality computations during wiggle
  • Medium - force backbone ideality computation during wiggle
  • High - force all ideality computations during wiggle
  • Auto - have the program decide whether backbone idealization is necessary

Auto wiggle power is effectively chooses between low and medium wiggle power on a per-residue basis.

High wiggle power is disabled in most puzzles, and is generally only available in "revisiting" puzzles. (See Puzzles Levels and Types for more on different types of Foldit puzzles.)

Low wiggle power results in the fastest wiggle, since it does less work. The other wiggle power options are slower, but may produce more points.