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  1. make this a better wiki.

The new puzzle types, including the Alfatoxin challenge, the classroom puzzles, and the sketchbook puzzles haven't really found their into the wiki yet.

Getting all geeky with protein backbone.

Nevertheless, since it's a new year, and since it's a refreshing -15° C outside, there have been a few new additions.

There's a new Sidechain Bonding Gallery and a companion Sidechain Bonding Table, fulfilling some of last year's resolutions.

One of the classroom puzzles featured ribonucleic acid, so there's a new RNA page, and even deep-dive into RNA backbone.

Deoxyribonucleic acid has also showed up in a couple of intro puzzles, so there's now a DNA page just to keep things balanced. (The intro puzzles don't allow the recipes used to explore backbone, so the DNA backbone page is on hold for now.)

Looking into RNA and DNA exposed some gaps in the wiki, so we now have a protein backbone page, which gets all geeky about it. This page in turn spawned pages for alpha carbon, beta carbon, amino group, carboxyl group, and rotamer.

Back on the RNA front, there are also new pages for nucleotide, nucleobase, and just plain base, which are more or less the same thing in the RNA context. Those individual bases also got their own pages: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Uracil. The first three also cover for DNA, and DNA's answer to uracil, Thymine, also got its own page. The DNA portions aren't fully geeked yet, but no doubt a trip to PDB-land will get us there in the near future.

Next steps include some updates to the amino acid pages, adding some additional info and probably correcting some nonsense. I'm also contemplating an explanation of "left-handed" and "right-handed", perhaps a Greek letter page. Stay tuned, this will probably keep up until warmer weather.