Foldit Wiki

January has been a busy month on the Foldit wiki. Here are some of the highlights.

Image control

To start, here's a tip. One annoyance in working with wiki pages has been how it handles images. The images tend to end up in the wrong spot, wrapped around text where you don't want them. The following HTML can help to control where the images go:

<br clear="all"/>

To use this tip you have to select the "classic" editor next to the "Edit" drop-down. In the classic editor, switch to the "Source" tab. The "br" commmand can be pasted in source mode, and it's also easier to position the image tags correctly. (Image sizing still doesn't work quite as expected, but that's another subject.)

Updates with videos

The Foldit 101 - Game Interfaces and selection interface pages were updated. There's also a new selection interface video on the Foldit YouTube channel.

There's a new Foldit performance page, and the multiple foldit clients page also had some updates. And yes, there's a new Foldit multiclients for Windows video.

Other new and updated pages

There's a new page on secondary structure prediction tools, inspired by an interesting chat session in #veteran. The page includes a chat transcript. The secondary structure page has also been updated.

I've updated or added several pages covering the basics. For example, there's a new segment page that defines what a segment is. (An older version "segment" page was deleted some time ago.)  I've also updated the residue with a better explanation of why they're called residues.

For the basics, I've started adding the category "Glossary". The goal is to have a glossary page with links to the basic terms in Foldit. We're still a long way away from that goal, but expect to see more pages with this category in the near future.

The conditions page received a major update covering the conditions that are common in recent design puzzles.

The rebuild page was updated, and a new remix page was added.

The IRC chat and using external IRC clients pages were updated.