Foldit Wiki

Dedicated Foldit wiki watchers may have noticed a flurry of activity around the pages documenting the Foldit Lua functions.

Some of this activity was prompted by questions in chat. Many of the pages which detail the workings of each individual function simply didn't exist. In Foldit Lua functions, you'll see the missing pages as "redlinks", meaning you'll be asked to create the page if you click on the red link.

Another chunk of updating was prompted by the new pages making the old pages look bad.

There are a few stylistic and technical enhancements involved. I've been trying to apply these consistently on the new and updated pages, but it's still a work in progress. Here's the list, presented here so I don't forget if nothing else.

First, the template LuaFunctionDetail should be used to start each page. All the missing pages will probably be created soon, so you don't really need to sweat this one. In the mean time, you can always edit Foldit Lua functions and copy the LuaFunction template for the page you're trying to create. Then just change LuaFunction to LuaFunctionDetail, which gives the new page a slightly better format.

Second, I'd suggest removing the "Remarks" and other sections unless they're really needed. For the most part they just tend to clutter up the screen, and don't seem to add any value for the simpler functions. For the complicated stuff, use sections as you see fit.

Third, there's a new template, LuaFunc, for creating a link to one of the function detail pages.

For a link to save.Quickload, you could code:


The LuaFunc template is a little quicker to write than the alternative:


The LuaFunc template can be used on any page that references a Foldit Lua function.

Fourth, I'd suggest including a link to the function page somewhere in the first paragraph. The result is the function name in boldface. The LuaFunc template makes it easier to create this and other links.

Fifth, I'd include the special markup __NOEDITSECTION__ somewhere, usually at the end of the page. This markup eliminates the little "Edit" link next to each section heading. The page just looks better that way. Users can still edit the entire page.

Sixth, make sure to include the "Script Tutorial" category on each new function detail page. Maybe it's not the perfect choice, but it's better than nothing. The function detail pages may get a better category at some point.