Foldit Wiki

There's a new Beginner Puzzles page, which links to the detail pages for the six beginner puzzles that run in constant six-week rotation. The detail pages have also been updated and expanded.

Over at Foldit central, there's a new forum post Get Started Playing Foldit!, which replaces the beta_helix's HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND START PLAYING FOLDIT! from 2010. The new post was one of Inkycatz's last official acts, and a few spots (like anywhere you see a Foldit download link) still point to the beta_helix classic. Inkycatz assured us that those links will get updated eventually.

The next step here in wikiland is getting our own "start playing Foldit page" done. There's still not a good map on how to move beyond the intro puzzles. The How to get started link in the wiki navigation is actually specific to a long-gone beginner puzzle, so its probably a little disappointing to folks stumbling around in the dark.

A couple of pointers about using the wiki while we're at it. First, if you haven't discovered it, clicking on any image almost always gets you a larger version of the image, plus a "See full size image" link. Seeing a larger version is really helpful in a lot of cases, especially on those puzzle results screenshots.

Second, Bruno Kestemont has pointed out that these Fandom pages suffer from a lot of video ads, which are distracting and in some cases change how our content is formatted. See optimizing your wiki experience over in the Foldit forum for a suggestion on how to cut the clutter.