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Foldit recipes can be written using the Lua programming language. There's a "V1" version of what's called the "Foldit Lua Interface" that offers a few simple functions with names like "do_shake" and "do_global_wiggle_all". The "V2" version of the interface adds many new functions, and groups the functions into psuedo-classes with names like, "structure", "band", and "puzzle". In the V2 interface, "do_shake" is replaced by "structure.ShakeSidechainsSelected", and "do_wiggle" becomes "structure.ShakeSidechainsSelected". (Note to self: is this last statement 100% accurate?)

The names like "structure" before the function names may look like classes from another language, but they're really just Lua tables, so I'm calling them "psuedo-classes".

The links below may help unravel the mystery of Foldit scripting.

Foldit Lua Scripting[]