RNA Uracil. Foldit atom numbers in black. (Hydro/score+CPK coloring, view hybrid of cartoon and stick+polar.)

Uracil is one of four bases or nucleotides that make up RNA, but is not present in DNA.

In DNA, the equivalent base to uracil is thymine, which is chemically related. In RNA, uracil may be paired with adenine. Unlike DNA, however, RNA can take on a variety of shapes, so adenine and uracil aren't always paired.


Adenine (left) bonded to uracil (right).

RNA BondingEdit

The table below shows the non-backbone atoms for uracil that can form hydrogen bonds. See RNA backbone for the backbone atoms.

atom element acceptor donor
12 oxygen yes yes
13 nitrogen no yes
15 oxygen yes no
16 nitrogen no yes
18 oxygen yes no
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