Tyrosine / TYR / Y (EnzDes coloring)

Tyrosine (TYR or Y) is one of the more hydrophobic amino acids. Its shape in Foldit is similar to that of phenylalanine, but it has a "stick" on top.

In the Foldit Lua interface, the functions structure.GetAminoAcid and structure.SetAminoAcid use lowercase "y" for tyrosine.


Tyrosine's sidechain has an oxygen atom that can act as both a hydrogen bond donor and acceptor.

Tyrosine's sidechain contains an oxygen atom which can act as a hydrogen bond accept or donor. See the Sidechain Bonding Gallery and the Sidechain Bonding Table for other sidechain donors and acceptors.

For more, see Tyrosine on wikipedia.

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