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recently returned from vacation, July 2011

Trigger is a brown palomino gelding, foaled December 22nd, 1993, somewhere out on the prairie of northern Texas. He was acquired by player BootsMcGraw in late 2009, who would exit global chat, riding the horse off into the sunset.

Tired of always being in the background watching Boots fold, Trigger purchased voice-to-text software (it's hard to type with hooves), and using Boots' old computer, is now a regular in FoldIt chat.

Trigger claims to be directly descended from Mister Ed, the world's first talking horse. His namesake is from actor Roy Rogers' steed, Trigger, from whom he also claims descent. Of course, Trigger claims to be related to every famous horse that has ever lived, including Seabiscuit, The Pie from National Velvet, Seattle Slew, and Secretariat. When prompted for his birth certificate, Trigger changes the subject.

Rumor has it that Trigger shares a queen-size bed with Boots, since the horse has more than once announced that "you hog all the covers". McGraw fiercely claims their relationship is strictly platonic, and that Trigger has a place in the corner to sleep. PETA closely monitors global chat.

Trigger likes sugar cubes, apples, carrots, and sweet hay, and also has a major weakness for cookies. To the continual and unending dismay of Boots, Trigger regularly wanders over to Camp Anthropic Dreams, where player auntdeen feeds him her secret chocolate-chip recipe, perhaps in hope of bribing the horse to spill the secrets behind Contenders' success.

In early 2011, the management of FoldIt named a dozen new moderators for the global chat room. Perhaps it was an oversight, but Trigger was chosen to be a channel op, and Boots was not. McGraw's relationship with the horse turned a tad sour, afterwards. Boots gets surly when the subject is brought up; so ask at your own risk.

As sysop, Trigger zealously defends the "family hour", and after an initial warning, will ban anyone who curses, pointing out that "every hour is family hour". Far from being fair and balanced, however, Trigger lets comments slide from chickens, other horses --- in fact, any non-human species --- while letting the hammer fall on any two-leggeds who annoy him.