This page contains an explanation for some of the entries found in the theme.txt filem which can be found inside the base Foldit directory (folder). Note: This pages does not currently contain the entire contents of that file, as it is not known definitively what every line relates to at this time. As more becomes known, more will be added! As such, feel free to please add entries if you happen to know what what all it applies to!

Basic Breakdown of an Entry:[edit | edit source]

(the quotes are a necessary part of the code)

   "gui/color/bg_dark" : "12 12 12"
    gui denotes its category
       /color denotes its role
             /bg_dark denotes the area it is applied to
                        : separates the entry from the color code
                         " 12   12   12 " Red, Green, Blue, color values
 (or in some cases)      "0.50" percentage in decimal value

Determining 'Red Green Blue' Values:[edit | edit source]

           Making this Teal color would require using             "52 203 196" in the themes file.

The easiest way on pick your "Red Green Blue" [henceforth: "RGB"] values on computers running a Windows OS, is to use "Microsoft Paint" (or its successor) and click the "Edit Color" button. That will produce a window with predefined colors on the left, along with a Hue Gradient box and Saturation bar on the right. It is the part on the Right that is of use here.

Alternatively, Google Search has a similar feature built right in! All you have to do is search with the text: RGB color picker
TIP: Just about every image editor/drawing software will have a similar color selection tool to this, and the "RGB" values will be the same, regardless of how you get it; however, some may only provide the Hex value (such as #00ff00) and that value will not work.

RGB values are also limited to the range of 0 to 255, where 0 denotes no-color and 255 denotes full color, relative to its spectrum/channel.
EXAMPLES: "255 0 0" is pure Red, "0 255 0" is pure Green", but "255 255 0" is pure Yellow. "0 0 0" is solid Black, and "255 255 255" is pure White.

Determining 'Percentage' Values:[edit | edit source]

Simple grade-school math is used. 100% is represented by 1.0, and 0% represented by 0.00; by move the decimal two(2) places to the right.
This is only used in, currently, the top four options in the file and relate to Transparency (aka Alpha Channel). These are identifiable by the inclusion of "../alpha/.." in the entry. Therefore, if future updates add options that allow changing something's transparency level, it should also be identifiable by that.
EXAMPLES: "0.200015" becomes "020.0015", which is 20.0015%. "0.020" becomes "002.0", which is 2%. "0.0010" becomes "000.10", which is 0.1%.

DESCRIPTIONS:[edit | edit source]

 "gui/alpha/panel" : "0.80000000000000004"

This is the Transparency amount for the various 'dialog boxes' (e.g. Recipe Output, Menus, Chat, Scoreboards, Selection Interface Menus).
Current value indicates "panels are 80% opaque (20% transparent)". 100% opaque (or 0% transparent) is "Solid Color", whereas 0% opaque (100% transparent) in turn is "Invisible"; therefore, you likely would not want to use a value of "0.00...0" because your menus would look strange by having "mysteriously floating" text, buttons and input boxes. NOTE: You do not need to have the extra "00...0004" on the end; it is either a dev including it to be silly, or a simple (harmless) rounding error.
Range: 1.00 to 0.00 (100% to 0%)
Type: Percentage

 "gui/color/bg" : "255 255 234"

This is primarily used as a transparent "overlay" color for when some dialog boxes are in view, to indicate that you cannot interact with anything else until confirming or closing it (e.g. Login screen, Main Menu, Puzzle Selection Menu, Band Length/Strength).
HOWEVER, it is also used as a solid-color for the background of "preview boxes" where you can manipulate a tiny protein model (e.g. Blueprint Building Blocks, Rama Map's Protein View, Reaction Tool Menu, etc)
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/bg_dark" : "12 12 12"

This is simply the main protein window's background color of the window when a puzzle has been loaded, and requires the View option "Dark Background" to be enabled. (May be more that is impacted, but it would be rarely encountered.)
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/foreground" : "255 255 255"

This changes the color of the almost everything that is colored White! From menu text, to border accents, to button highlights.
It is easier to point out what is NOT impacted by by changing this: Interface Mode (upper left of screen), Objectives Earned line and most text in that dropdown (but it does change the 'Enabled' and 'Show' text), Player Name and Messages in chat (but unsent text you are typing in the input box is changed), Scoreboard's Internal text
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/foreground_disabled" : "191 191 191"

This affects the color of certain text which "highlight" (change color) when moused over. (e.g. almost every menu buttons with text).
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/foreground_highlight" : "255 219 158"

This affects the color of certain text which "highlight" (change color) when moused over. (e.g. almost every menu buttons with text).
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/graph_action/global_minimize" : "78 154 6"
 "gui/color/graph_action/global_minimize_backbone" : "143 89 2"
 "gui/color/graph_action/global_minimize_jumps" : "255 255 255"
 "gui/color/graph_action/global_minimize_sidechains" : "193 125 17"
 "gui/color/graph_action/local_minimize" : "115 210 22"
 "gui/color/graph_action/local_minimize_with_pull" : "163 0 0"
 "gui/color/graph_action/local_tweak" : "92 52 102"
 "gui/color/graph_action/pull_sidechain" : "239 40 40"
 "gui/color/graph_action/rebuild" : "252 233 79"
 "gui/color/graph_action/repack" : "52 101 163"
 "gui/color/graph_action/repack_design" : "32 150 135"
 "gui/color/graph_action/replace_residue" : "47 229 197"
 "gui/color/graph_action/thread" : "252 233 79"

Graph Colors.png

These all relate to the "Undo Graph" and are the colors used for the actions (aka Tools) performed by the player or a Recipe..They use the "Scientific" naming, which are based on what the functions are called in the Rosetta software (you can actually see these names if you change the Language setting to "Scientist"). Since these may be confusing to most players, here are their Foldit names for reference:
    "global_minimize"                 =        WIGGLE
    "global_minimize_backbone"        =        WIGGLE BACKBONE
    "global_minimize_jumps"           =        OTHER
    "global_minimize_sidechains"      =        WIGGLE SIDECHAINS
    "local_minimize"                  =        LOCAL WIGGLE
    "local_minimize_with_pull"        =        PULL
    "local_tweak"                     =        TWEAK TOOL
    "pull_sidechain"                  =        PULL SIDECHAIN
    "rebuild"                         =        REBUILD / REMIX
    "repack"                          =        SHAKE SIDECHAINS
    "repack_design"                   =        MUTATE SIDECHAINS (by Tool)
    "replace_residue"                 =        MUTATE SIDECHAINS (Manually)
    "thread"                          =        Unknown or Not Working

Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/guide_far" : "147 147 147"
 "gui/color/guide_neaar" : "199 199 199"

These are for the "Load as Guide" feature, which displays the loaded design as a "ghost" protein. Contrary to their naming (unless it is not functioning as intended), they do not correlate to the distance from the camera. Instead, they are the alternating colors that continuously 'chases' around the ghost protein, just as "Pulse when working" does.
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

 "gui/color/hide_panel_flash" : "127 0 0"

This specifically controls the 'flash' color that the Chat panel(s) emits every time a new message is sent to chat. The flash only occurs when two additional conditions are met: 1) your chat is configured to either not display automatically, or to only display when your name is mentioned, 2) the chat windows are minimized (hence being called "hide panels" due to that ability). TIP: If you never noticed this happening, it may be due to the fact its default color is a light-red, and perhaps changing it to the full red (255) or some other color of your preference, may in turn catch your eye better!
Range: 0 to 255
Type: R G B

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