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"Welcome to the Foldit Labs."
"We are studying all the possible ways to fold. Come join us."
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Knowledge of our ancestors.

Papers by all players.

The Main Index - is an Index to almost all the pages on the wiki. Enjoy !

Tips and Techniques[]

  1. AA Index Letter Codes - Letter Codes for the Amino Acids
  2. Afk bbl brb cul gtg - What do all those letters mean?
  3. Align Sheets - Bringing sheets together.
  4. Banding Techniques Method by itskimo - Various ways to use bands.
  5. Flattening Strands - How to flatten sheets.

The road leads ever onward.

  1. Glossary of script terms. - What the script names mean.
  2. Helix Straightening - Many ways to straighten a helix.
  3. Null Point Pulling -- A technique to gain the last possible point.
  4. Pose Structure - The protein structure's resting conformation.
  5. Pulling Structure Through - How to pull structure through your protein.
  6. Quick Start Guide - How to quickly start a new Foldit puzzle. General directions
  7. Rock The Boat -- Banding technique for getting those last hard points.
  8. Run Scripts in Non-Standard Way - How to play around with Clashing Importance while running a script, and other ways to alter a running script.
  9. Sheet Flattening Techniques - Different ways to flatten sheets
  10. Structures of the Protein - Everything you ever wanted to know about the proteins structure.
  11. Techniques For Players - Another way of viewing it.
  12. Team Evolver Techniques - New ways to win as a team.
  13. Tweeking Things - The best ways to tweek your protein.

Strategy and Tips[]

  1. Folding Methods - Fold Theory - Ways to change your proteins structure.
  2. High Point and Script Loss - Why it happens and what to do about it to win.
  3. How to Evo As A Team -- Many special techniques for team evolving.
  4. Improving Game Play Creativity - Ways to improve your own style of playing Foldit. Do your own thing.
  5. Origami and Folding - Ideas about origami and the art of protein folding.
  6. Point Scripts -- Strategies for running scripts.
  7. The Hail Mary Pass - End game strategy
  8. Wild Script Ideas - What does the future of scripts look like?
  9. ZZZZZ Get Your ZZZZZs - Sometimes players experience foldit burn out and what to do about it. :)

Game Features[]

  1. Buddies - What is a buddy?
  2. Exploration Map -- Gaining an understanding of the exploration map.
  3. Structure Mode Tips - Tips about using the structure mode.
  4. Tracks - All about Tracks

Different Types of Puzzles[]

  1. Contact Map - What the contact map means.
  2. Exploration Puzzles - How to start playing exploration puzzles.
  3. Frozen Puzzles - What a Frozen puzzle is and how to play it.
  4. How to start De novo Freestyle Puzzles. Also other banding techniques and pulling structure through.
  5. Interface Puzzles - Many ways to play interface puzzles.
  6. What is a Ligand? - What to do about Ligands in game play.

Other Players Links[]

  • Links to important Foldit information.
  1. Tony Origami Getting to the Top in Foldit - One of the very best papers on how to fold.
  2. Dejerpha's notes - Great ideas on what to do next to gain those last few points.
  3. Diderot's Suggested Method - Very good description of protein structure.
  4. DisposableHeart's Suggested Method - A discussion on how to form structure.
  5. Foldit 101 - Is another group getting Foldit information to the players.
  6. Endgame - Video Foldit techniques.
  7. Wiggling and stiffening a fold - Does wiggling stiffen your fold?
  8. Time Zone Conversion - Coding sheets to go from local time to Universal Time and back