i dont want to start a brand new article. I want to find instructions on how to use Foldit. (----)

What happened to the front page of the wiki? The "Featured Articles" section which used to be on the right side has moved to the left side and pushed the "Contents" section off the bottom of the screen. 23:11, October 3, 2012 (UTC)

Front page was modified by modification by Wikia.

Spmm made the adaptation for the new wikia features.

This page is not perfect.

If you want to propose a new way of presenting the foldit wiki on this first page.

Make a new page under category "test"or comment on the previous propositions.

Is there any particular reason why these players were singled out?     There isn't anything apparent on the CASP 10 or CASP ROLL pages that would signify they they did something more than the rest of the players.  Maybe  I am missing something? "Preliminary results of CASP10 and CASP ROLL, congratulations to Timo van der Laan, gmn, christioanchauvin and O Seki To"

This players have the best rank on one of casp10 puzzles of all participants

Perhaps that should be spelled out, rather than offending everyone else who participated, and might wonder why those 4 were singled out for special notice.

added new French translation of the main page: