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A solution in Foldit generally refers to a saved pose of a protein in particular puzzle.

(Most of the proteins in Foldit would normally be surrounded by an "aqueous solution" of water and other chemicals, but Foldit never shows any water molecules.)

Players can save solutions from the Save Solution or Open/Share Solutions dialogs. Simply saving a solution stores the pose in a file on the player's computer. Solutions can also be shared by uploading them to the Foldit server. Players can share solutions with themselves, their group, or the Foldit science team.

Foldit automatically saves the current pose of the protein, allowing it to be reloaded if a game client crashes or closes. In addition to the current pose, the "recent best" or recentbest, "credit best" or creditbest, and "absolute best" or absolutebest poses are automatically saved, allowing players to load them as needed.

The game itself automatically saves and upload player solutions periodically during gameplay. These saves can't be accessed directly by players. Among other uses, these automatic saves help ensure that a player's best effort at the end of puzzle will be available to the Foldit science team.

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