Open/Share Solutions window.

A share in Foldit can involve either a recipe or a saved solution to a puzzle. Both types of shares are uploaded to and stored on the Foldit server.

Using the Save Solution or the Open/Share Solutions dialogs, players can save the current pose of the protein in a puzzle. The Open/Share Solutions dialog allows players to share a saved solution, with themselves, members of the group, or the Foldit science team. Since shared solutions are stored on the Foldit server, players can download their own or their group's shares from any Foldit client.

Recipes can be shared from the recipe editor dialog. Players can share recipes with themselves or group members. A shared recipe can also be made "public" meaning all Foldit players can download and use it.

When sharing a solution or a recipe, it's fair to use a self-explanatory name or title that gives an idea of what it is about. As the name of the recipes is limited in length, cookers tend to use short script names. When sharing a solution, there is a limited place for some optional explanations. This can be used to communicate what were the last actions made. It helps evolvers not to try something else. Due to the limited place available, groups tend to use abreviations like "hf" for "hand fold", and initials for recipes, like "at" for "Acid tweaker". This emerges as a group or Foldit common language which can be disturbing for newbees: don't hesitate to ask in chat what a specific abreviation means !

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