Overall score, including condition (filter) bonus.

In Foldit, score usually refers to the score for a protein when it's in a certain position or pose. The higher the score, the better the pose.

Players also have a "global score", points awarded for a completing puzzles as either a soloist or an evolver. See Foldit rankings for more on how global score is determined.

The score of a protein reflects how well-folded the protein is. Scoring in Foldit is based on Rosetta, protein modeling software originally developed at the University of Washington.

Segment information window showing score parts.

In Foldit, the overall score of the protein is the sum of the scores of each segment, plus an arbitrary 8000, plus the bonuses or penalties from any conditions defined for the puzzle.

The score for each segment is a combination of scoring for different score parts. The contribution of a particular score part is called a subscore. The score parts which typically influence the overall score the most are Clashing, Packing, Hiding, and Backbone.

Foldit interfaces[edit | edit source]

Foldit recipes written in Lua can get the overall score, a segment's score, and a segment's individual score parts.

In the Lua v2 interface, the functions current.GetEnergyScore and current.GetScore return the overall score for the "current" pose.

(The function current.GetScore is deprecated. It was used in exploration puzzles, which are obsolete. The function current.GetEnergyScore should be used in any new work.)

The function current.GetSegmentEnergyScore returns the score of a particular segment in the "current" pose. The function current.GetSegmentEnergySubscore returns the subscore value of a specific score part for a specific segment in the "current" pose. The score parts are referenced by name. The function puzzle.GetPuzzleSubscoreNames returns a table containing the names of the possible score parts for the puzzle.

In the Foldit Lua v2 interface, the "current" functions work with the current position of the protein. Other poses accessed this way include "recentbest", "creditbest", and "absolutebest". These poses have the same scoring functions as "current".

There's no way to determine the impact of any condition's bonus or penalty on an individual segment. The GetScore and GetEnergyScore results depend on whether conditions are enabled or disabled at the moment. The behavior.GetFiltersDisabled can be used to determine whether all conditions (formerly called "filters") are enabled or disabled. The function behavior.SetFiltersDisabled can be used to enable or disable all conditions. Individual conditions can also be enabled or disabled in the Foldit user interface.

In the original Foldit Lua "v1" interface, score functions only worked on the current pose. The functions get_score, get_segment_score, and get_segment_score_part are available in the Lua v1 interface.

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