Save sol2

The Save Solution dialog.

The Save Solution dialog lets you save the current position (or pose) of the protein.

A saved solution can be reloaded or shared using the Open/Share Solutions solutions dialog.

Select new save sol 1

In both the original and the selection interfaces, the Save Solution button is on the main menu. The keyboard shortcut control + "s" also displays the Save Solution dialog.

Each saved solution must have a name and a description. These fields are visible in the Open/Share Solutions dialog. A meaningful name and description can help you and your teammates move forward with the saved solution.

Saved solutions are stored as files with the extension ir_solution in the Foldit install directory. Solution files are mostly binary data, but the solution name and description appear in human-readable form near the top of each file.

Foldit periodically saves solutions. A Quicksave command generates a saved solution, and the current, recentbest, creditbest, and absolutebest poses are always available as saved solution.

See Open/Share Solutions for more on saved solutions.

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