Foldit Wiki

This page summarizes the rules of the Foldit Wiki, in compliance with the Fandom blog post Introducing the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy, dated 17 February 2021. Please see the Foldit Community Rules using the Foldit wiki.

Purpose of the Foldit wiki[]

The Foldit wiki is associated with Foldit, the online protein folding game. The wiki documents the features and functions of Foldit. The wiki also provides a glossary of the scientific terms used in Foldit. The wiki provides help pages for new users, including tips for completing the intro campaign.

The wiki houses user-supplied screenshots showing the results of each Foldit puzzle. The wiki also contains strategy pages, covering approaches to different types of puzzles. Foldit-related humor and trivia may be found on the Foldit wiki.

The Foldit wiki does not offer general discussions of Foldit. The Foldit website, the Foldit IRC channels, and the Foldit Discord server are better places for questions, comments, and discussions.

Editing the Foldit wiki[]

Before editing the Foldit wiki, users should join the Foldit Discord server, and say hello on the #wiki channel. Discord is the spot to discuss new articles or major changes to the wiki.

For any substantial changes to the Foldit wiki, please consider creating a Fandom account, with a user name based on your Foldit screen name. This makes it easier to keep track of who's who between Foldit, Discord, and Fandom. Ideally, you'd use the same or similar name in all three spots, but there are many exceptions.

For small edits, such a correcting spelling or syntax errors, there's no need to create a Fandom account. Edits made without a Fandom account will be identified by your IP address, which is Fandom's policy.

Some pages on the Foldit wiki are protected due to repeated vandalism. Please contact the Foldit wiki team through the #wiki channel on the Foldit Discord server to edit one of these pages. Please be prepared to identify yourself as a Foldit player, and verify that identity, when requesting this type of access.

Vandalism and Inappropriate Content[]

The Foldit wiki is closely aligned with Foldit, and in follows the Foldit Community Rules related to conduct and content.

The Foldit community rules include several "zero tolerance" items, which include commercial spam/advertising. For the Foldit wiki, the zero tolerance policy also applies to vandalism, such deleting content, adding nonsense or inappropriate content, or similar activity. Edits of this type are removed from the Foldit wiki, and the user or IP address associated with the edit is blocked for maximum time permitted by Fandom policies.

Users who believe they have been blocked unfairly should use the #wiki channel on the Foldit Discord server to discuss the issue. Similar to the editing policies for the Foldit wiki, identifying yourself as a known Foldit user, with a history of competing in Foldit puzzles or contests, will be helpful in reversing any blocks.