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gitwut's giant anemone cardiotoxin from puzzle 1327.

84: Giant Anemone is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented as Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone in 2008.

While the protein in this puzzle is from a giant green anemone (Anthopleura xanthogrammica), it's a relatively small protein. The protein can function as both a pheromone, and a toxin. The toxin is called anthropleurin or AP after the anemone's family name. The toxin affects heart activity, stimulating heart contractions at low doses without affecting heart rate or blood pressure. This effect makes the toxin interesting as the possible basis of a new treatment for heart failure.

The puzzle protein has 49 segments with the sequence:


This sequence is found in this Protein Data Bank entry:

  • 1AHL (chains A, offset 0)

The puzzle protein can have three disulfide bridges, identified in 1AHL as 4-46, 6-36, and 29-47.

The recipe Bridge Wiggle v 1.2.1 - Brow42 accepts the bridges in this format:

4,46 6,36 29,47

This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

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Complete series of revisits with top scores:

puzzle closed top solo score top solo top evo score top evo top group score top group comments
84: Giant Anemone 09/22/08 8,641 Steven Pletsch 8,661 g_s 8,661 Another Hour Another Point
806: Revisiting Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone 11/13/13 8,948 dembones 8,955 mirp 8,955 Go Science
1119: Revisiting Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone 08/04/15 9,236 viosca 9,227 Galaxie 9,236 Anthropic Dreams
1327: Revisiting Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone 01/18/17 9,339 gitwut 9,334 gitwut 9,339 Contenders
1593: Revisiting Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone 11/05/18 9,881 tyler0911 9,885 Galaxie 9,885 Anthropic Dreams
1774: Revisiting Puzzle 84: Giant Anemone 12/25/19 9,833 Aubade01 9,833 Silent Gene 9,833 Go Science
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