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BitSpawn's puzzle 69 scorpion toxin from puzzle 1077.

69:Scorpion Toxin is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented as Puzzle 69: Scorpion Toxin in 2008.

For other revisiting puzzles involving scorpion toxins, see Revisiting puzzle/Scorpion toxin.

The puzzle protein is a neurotoxin from Hottentotta judaicus, a species of scorpion identified in 1872. This scorpion is much less toxic to humans than the puzzle 55 scorpion.

The puzzle protein has 74 segments with the sequence:


This sequence is found in these Protein Data Bank entries:

  • 1BCG (chain A, offset 0)
  • 4KYP (chain A, B, C, and D, offset 1)

The puzzleprotein can have four disulfide bridges, identified in 1BCG as 16-42, 27-47, 31-49, and 43-69. In recent visits to this puzzle, each bridge is awarded a bonus of 250 points.

The recipe Bridge Wiggle v 1.2.1 - Brow42 accepts the bridges in this format:

17,43 28,48 32,50 44,70

This puzzle protein does not have any ligands.

This puzzle protein has a single chain.

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