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LociOiling's insulin mutant from puzzle 1047.

58: Insulin Mutant is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented in 2008 as Puzzle 58: Insulin Mutant.

As the name suggests, this puzzle involves a form of insulin.

Somewhat uniquely, this puzzle has two separate chains, two separate protein sections. There is a total of 50 segments.

The first section, chain A, has 21 segments with the sequence:


The second section, chain B, has 29 segments with the sequence:


Both sequences are found together in the Protein Data Bank as 1A7F. Chain A and chain B of 1A7F are an exact match for the two sections of the puzzle.

In the PDB, both chains are numbered starting at residue 1 (segment 1). In Foldit, chain A is segments 1 to 21, and chain B is segments 22 to 50.

Since insulin is heavily studied, the two sequences also appear in different forms in numerous other PDB entries. As the "mutant" in the puzzle title suggests, not all forms of insulin are the same, so there are many slight variations, which show as less than 100% matches.

This puzzle can have three disulfide bridges. In PDB entry 1A7F, the first bridge connects residues 6 and 11 of chain A. The other bridges connect chain A to chain B. The second bridge connects residue 7 of chain A to residue 7 of chain B, and the third bridge connects residue 20 of chain A to residue 19 of chain B.

Simply adding 21 to the chain B residue number gives the segment number in Foldit. So chain B, residue 7 becomes Foldit segment 28, and chain B residue 19 becomes Foldit segment 40.

The recipe Bridge Wiggle v 1.2.1 - Brow42 accepts the bridges in this format:

6,11 7,28 20,40

This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a two chains. This affects the atom numbering for the first and last segments (the N terminal and the C terminal in each chain. In particular, segment 21 is a C terminal, with an extra oxygen atom in the backbone. This means the beta carbon of segment 21 is atom 6 instead of atom 5. The last segment, segment 50, is also a C terminal, so again its beta carbon is atom 6 as normal.

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