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LociOiling's phosphotransferase from puzzle 1038.

54: Human Fyn 2 is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented in 2009 as Puzzle 54: Human Fyn 2.

The puzzle protein is an enzyme, a type of phosphotransferase, specifically a kinase. This human protein is encoded by a gene known as FYN, and controls cell growth. It interacts with a long list of other proteins. Overexpression of this protein has been linked to several forms of cancer.

The puzzle has 59 segments with the sequence:


Protein Data Bank matches for this sequence:

  • 1A0N (chain B, offset 4)
  • 1AZG (chain B, offset 2)
  • 1FYN (chain A, offset 3)
  • 1G83 (chains A, B; offset 2)
  • 1M27 (chain C, offset 0)
  • 1NYF (chain A, offset 2)
  • 1NYG (chain A, offset 2)
  • 1SHF (chain B, offset 0)
  • 1ZBJ (chain A, offset 0)
  • 3UA6 (chains A, B; offset 4)
  • 3UA7 (chains A, B, C, D; offset 4)
  • 3UF4 (chain A, offset 3)
  • 4EIK (chain A, offset 4)

The puzzle represents the SH3 domain of the protein.

This puzzle does not have any disulfide bridges.

This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

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