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ZeroLeak7's phosphotransferase from puzzle 1489.

52: Bacteria Energy is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented in 2009 as Puzzle 52: Bacteria Energy.

As the name suggests, this protein an enzyme from bacteria, specifically the ever-popular E. coli. The protein is a phosphotransferase, part of the system that transports sugars into the cell.

The puzzle has 103 segments with the sequence:


Protein Data Bank matches for this sequence:

  • 1E2B (chain A, offset 2)
  • 1IIB (chains A, B; offset 2)
  • 2WWV (chain D, offset 0)

This puzzle does not have any disulfide bridges.

This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

Tip: The starting structure for this puzzle has a misaligned N-terminal beta sheet. You will need to move the sheet "up" to have it meet the three other sheets. Using cutpoints and the ideal SS may help, although you may want to trim a few residues off the second sheet (counting from N-terminal) first to keep things from becoming too "stiff".

See players' solutions from previous visits to this puzzle:

puzzle closed top solo score top solo top evo score top evo top group score top group comments
52: Bacteria Energy 05/16/08 10,296 rafkin 10,296 Richard Dawkins Foundation
700: Revisiting Puzzle 52 (Bacteria Energy) 04/23/13 10,583 pauldunn 10,641 ErichVonSterich 10,641 Anthropic Dreams
1034: Revisiting Puzzle 52: Bacteria Energy 11/15/15 9,258 LociOiling 9,256 LociOiling 9,258 Beta Folders
1238: Revisiting Puzzle 52: Bacteria Energy 06/01/16 9,850 LociOiling 9,855 smilingone 9,855 Beta Folders
1489: Revisiting Puzzle 52: Bacteria Energy 03/07/18 9,861 ZeroLeak7 9,864 Bruno Kestemont 9,846 Go Science
1682: Revisiting Puzzle 52: Bacterial Energy 06/10/19 11,512 Bruno Kestemont 11,527 Bruno Kestemont 11,527 Go Science
1682: Revisiting Puzzle 52: Bacterial Energy 01/28/21 11,575 LociOiling 11,567 LociOiling 11,575 Beta Folders