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LociOiling's mutant thioredoxin from puzzle 1486.

165: Rosetta Decoy 15 is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented as Puzzle 165: Rosetta Decoy 15 in 2009.

This puzzle was the last in a series of 15 Rosetta decoys, which invited Foldit players to correct decoys produced through Rosetta, including the Rosetta@Home program.

The puzzle protein has been solved. It's mutant form of thioredoxin, but it will still have the characteristic thioredoxin fold, which may be familiar from previous puzzles.

The puzzle protein has 105 segments with the sequence:


This sequence is found in these Protein Data Bank entries:

  • 1ERV (chain A, offset 0)
  • 2HSH (chain A, offset 0)

The puzzle protein can have one disulfide bridge, identified in 2HSH as 32-35. Recent revisits to this puzzle have awarded a bonus of 250 for each bridge formed.

PDB 1ERV does not show any disulfide bridges. Also, there are four cysteines in the protein, but only two are expected to form a disulfide bridge.

The recipe Bridge Wiggle v 1.2.1 - Brow42 accepts the bridge in this format:


This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

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Complete series of revisits with top scores:

puzzle closed top solo score top solo top evo score top evo top group score top group comments
165: Rosetta Decoy 15 07/14/09 10,536 infjamc 10,432 LennStar 10,536 missing #1 group
1031: Revisiting Puzzle 165: Rosetta Decoy 15 01/08/15 9,906 BitSpawn 9,890 Galaxie 9,906 Anthropic Dreams
1235: Revisiting Puzzle 165: Rosetta Decoy 15 05/25/16 10,191 LociOiling 10,215 smilingone 10,215 Beta Folders
1486: Revisiting Puzzle 165: Rosetta Model 15 02/10/18 10,193 LociOiling 10,202 smilingone 10,202 Beta Folders
1943: Revisiting Puzzle 165: Rosetta Model 15 01/21/21 11,895 LociOiling 11,876 Angus 11,895 Beta Folders