retiredmichael's neocarzinostatin from puzzle 1006.

142: Rosetta Decoy 6 is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented as Puzzle 142: Rosetta Decoy 6 in 2009.

This puzzle was the sixth in a series of 15 Rosetta decoys, which invited Foldit players to correct decoys produced through Rosetta, including the Rosetta@Home program.

The puzzle protein has been solved, and is identified as a component of neocarzinostatin, a substance produced by bacteria of the Streptomyces family. Neocarzinostatin is considered an "antitumor antiobiotic", and can be used in chemotherapy to treat certain forms of cancer.

Neocarzinostatin consists of a protein and a non-protein ligand known as a chromophore. The chromophore is not present in the Foldit puzzle. The protein portion of neocarzinostatin protects the unstable chromophore, releasing it under the right conditions. Once released, the chromophore can break up strands of DNA.

The puzzle protein has 112 segments with the sequence:


This sequence is found in theseProtein Data Bank entries:

  • 2CBM (chain A, offset 0)
  • 2CBO (chain A, offset 0)
  • 4JW3 (chains A, B; offset 0)

The puzzle protein can have one disulfide bridge, identified in 2CBM a as 38-93. Recent revisits to this puzzle have awarded a bonus of 250 for each bridge formed.

The recipe Bridge Wiggle v 1.2.1 - Brow42 accepts the bridge in this format:


This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

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Complete series of revisits with top scores:

puzzle closed top solo score top solo top evo score top evo top group score top group comments
142: Rosetta Decoy 6 05/08/09 10,830 justjustin 10,822 tim300cx5 10,830 Another Hour Another Point
1006: Revisiting Puzzle 142: Rosetta Decoy 6 11/06/14 9,636 BitSpawn 9,637 gmn 9,637 Anthropic Dreams
1207: Revisiting Puzzle 142: Rosetta Decoy 6 03/23/16 10,251 LociOiling 10,250 smilingone 10,251 Beta Folders
1459: Revisiting Puzzle 142: Rosetta Decoy 6 12/19/17 10,244 Bruno Kestemont 10,247 LociOiling 10,247 Beta Folders
1917: Revisiting Puzzle 142: Rosetta Decoy 6 11/20/20 12,035 LociOiling 12,044 LociOiling 12,044 Beta Folders
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