Irc 104378 1500567220 S1 Enzyme 9289

Enzyme's ethanolamine utilization protein from puzzle 1403.

126: Ethanolamine Utilization is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented in 2009 as 126: Ethanolamine Utilization Puzzle.

The puzzle protein lets the bacterium E. coli use ethanolamine to build cell membranes. Ethanolamine combines an alcohol (ethanol) with an amine group (a nitrogen atom with attached hydrogens). Ethanolamine is a type of amino alcohol, and is derived from the amino acid serine.

The puzzle has 95 segments with the sequence:


This sequence is found in these Protein Data Bank entries:

  • 2HD3. (chains A-L, offset 0)
  • 2Z9H. (chains A-F, offset 0)

This puzzle does not have any disulfide bridges.

This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

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