jeff101's NANOG transcription factor from puzzle 858.

111: Mouse is a revisiting puzzle, originally presented as Puzzle 111: Mouse in 2008.

The protein in this puzzle is part of a larger protein known as homeobox protein NANOG. The complete protein helps keeps stem cells pluripotent, or capable of becoming many different types of cell.

The puzzle protein has 55 segments with the sequence:


This sequence is found in this Protein Data Bank entry:

  • 2VI6 (chains A-H; offset 7)

The single-chain puzzle protein does not form disulfide bridges. (The complete NANOG protein in 2VI6 does have disulfide bridges between the chains.)

This puzzle does not have any ligands.

This puzzle has a single chain.

See players' solutions from previous visits this puzzle:

Complete series of revisits with top scores:

puzzle closed top solo score top solo top evo score top evo top group score top group comments
111: Mouse
111: Mouse 12/08/08 9,271 DisposableHeart 9,322 Mike Cassidy 9,322 Void Crushers
858: Revisiting Puzzle 111: Mouse 03/19/14 9,668 Timo van der Laan 9,684 smilingone 9,684 Beta Folders
1158: Revisiting Puzzle 111: Mouse 11/25/15 8,917 reefyrob 8,918 LociOiling 8,918 Beta Folders
1379: Revisiting Puzzle 111: Mouse 05/27/17 8,933 bertro 8,933 smilingone 8,933 Beta Folders
1642: Revisiting Puzzle 111: Mouse 03/06/19 9,904 LociOiling 9,904 smilingone 9,904 Beta Folders
1822: Revisiting Puzzle 111: Mouse 04/06/20 9,904 LociOiling 9,898 Angus 9,904 Beta Folders
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