Update : use tracks in undo menu

There comes a time you are working and wish to use the rest best score option, but are working on a lower score puzzle, and do not actually want the saved best. This is a method for resetting the score so that you can use the current puzzle rather than the stored best.

  • Save the best solution as a file (I usually use the score as the name) also save the puzzle you are currently working on.
  • Log off.
  • Start Foldit again and choose work offline.
  • Choose the puzzle you wish to reset, it should load with the starting score, not the one you have been working on.
  • Choose the open/share solutions option.
  • Delete the autosave, best, and current solutions.
  • Close Foldit, choose yes when prompted to save.
  • Start Foldit again and login.
  • Load the puzzle with the lower score, the best score will not take over again until you load it.
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