A new feature is to be found in Foldit, as of the February 9th 2009 update.

It is called Recent Best, and it's purpose is to provide the player with an intermediate resettable high score accumulator (another best score)

Like VERY BEST, Recent best stores scores by the following comparison:

IF current_score > Recent_best

THEN Recent_best = current_score

At first glance it might seem that these two functions are identical...but they're not...The big difference between Very Best and Recent best is this: with Recent best one can set the value from which it starts checking (Set Recent best, or ctrl-shift-n in the present implementation) for a better score, whereas VERY best always uses the very highest score as it's starting point

it might be easiest to explain it by example in this way

Suppose the following

1. your high score is 11000 and you are at a wall...your score has not changed for days...not budged...even a bit. You see a way to remove that barrier, but it will require a rebuild...

2. you do a rebuild, forcing your score down to 9950

3. you press set rcnt best (ctrl-shift-n) to lock that starting value for your climb

4. you work from there trying to regain your points

5. Doh! you make several steps that eventually forces your score well below even the set point (step 3), but not low enough that you're ready to give up...

6. you press ctrl-n to restore the score you had when you pressed the set button. (or pressed ctrl-shift-n)

7. finally, after some work, you make a move that causes your score to exceed the stored set point.

8. you continue and your score drops yet again but you're still determined that this is the way to glory!

9 you press restore recent best, but the score does not revert to the original. Instead it reverts to the score achieved in step 7.

This is because like best score, recent best continues to update itself with the highest score you achieve...using the set point as starting ground. And so that updated score becomes the restore-recent best point. in fact, were you to exceed the very highest score you achieved, it would not only set the "very best" to that high value, but also the "recent best"

I'll try to provide a graph and some simple math in a future post but this should start you off...

good luck!