Rules of intro puzzles:

  1. Read instructions. Twice. Then follow.
  2. What looks red is bad - you need take care of it
  3. No silly pictures on puzzle channel ;]
  4. Reset. Redo is fatser than chasing last few points
  5. Do not overthink. NO NEED!
  6. Do ALL of intro puzzles. We can check it when you will cry on global ;]

There are mine vids how to pass thru intro puzzles. I save those which are causing most of troubles :)

I also created quick video for other ones: <- 6:30 movie on Youtube

  • 1-2 swing it around
  • 4-1 hide hydrophobics
  • 3-2 lonely sheets
  • 3-4 lock and lower
  • 3-5 rebuild
  • 4-2 turn it down
  • 4-3 flippin sheets
  • 4-4 right rotation
  • 4-5 changing structure

There are screens how to pass few rouble making intros:

[00:36:20] <@rav3npl> turn it down:
[00:36:35] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:36:51] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:37:02] <@rav3n_pl> turned bit in left
[00:37:05] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:37:41] <@rav3n_pl> and done
[00:37:50] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:

[00:38:11] <@rav3n_pl> flippin sheets:
[00:38:41] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:38:44] <@rav3n_pl> it is after i shift it down
[00:39:03] <@rav3n_pl> now after shake
[00:39:14] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:39:29] <@rav3n_pl> and finished on wiggle
[00:39:32] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:

[00:40:14] <@rav3n_pl> right rotation:
[00:40:39] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:40:42] <@rav3n_pl> we need totate upper helix to right to hide hydros
[00:41:01] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:41:04] <@rav3n_pl> stopped rotate when score start dropping
[00:41:21] <@rav3n_pl> and shake
[00:41:30] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:41:31] <@rav3n_pl> done

[00:41:49] <@rav3n_pl> changing structure
[00:42:25] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:43:45] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:43:54] <@rav3n_pl> this is filled structure
[00:44:34] <jlopez255> IMAGE:
[00:44:34] <@rav3n_pl> now we need shift that sheet down
[00:44:55] <@rav3n_pl> tweaked one:
[00:45:00] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:
[00:46:16] <@rav3n_pl> and shake and wiggle to finish structure :)
[00:46:33] <@rav3npl> IMAGE:

thumb|left|500pxI made a full video of passing all infro puzzles. I takes... 22mins. No audio!

I hope it help :)


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