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Results from Puzzle 1662.

The wiki pages listed here show images of puzzle solutions graciously provided by top-scoring players starting with puzzle 1001. See Puzzle Results: for results from puzzles 389 to 1000.

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On the fold.it website, see Foldit Puzzles for a complete list of puzzles, past and present.

The first Foldit puzzle closed in November 2007. Player scores are shown from Puzzle 50 in May 2008 on the Foldit website.

The Puzzle Results category lists all the puzzle results pages on the wiki.

Protein classification lists early puzzles by the SCOPe class the proteins fall into. (No longer maintained.)

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Design puzzles are mutable and may be symmetry or docking types.

Small Molecule Design

See small molecule design puzzle for more on this type of puzzle.

Electron Density

See electron density puzzle for more on this type of puzzle.


De-novo or "freestyle" puzzles generally involve "unsolved" proteins. Scientists often discover the primary structure of a protein in DNA, but aren't able to analyze the protein in the lab for various reasons. Many de-novo puzzles involve this type of mystery protein.

Some recent de-novos have actually involved proteins that were created in Foldit design puzzles. This is another way to evaluate the quality of a design. Players should be able to fold a designed protein into something close to its original designed shape.


Standard puzzles are often 'revisiting' puzzles to assist with calibration.

Revisiting puzzle results has the revisiting puzzles grouped by the puzzle being revisited.


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