Puzzle 1778: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 5

CAN1958 has been working on a collagen-like solution and shared some images and comments in veteran chat.

30 December 2019 (US Central Standard Time)

[05:55] (CAN1958) About Collagen, the most consecutive hydrogen bonds I had was 8 in that Collagen Helix.

[06:08] (@phi16) I thought total number of hydrogen bonds was significant. I didn't think consecutive number of hydrogen bonds made a difference.

[06:09] (CAN1958) Just to say how long I could get it nicely done.

[06:09] (@phi16) I get it. Well done.

[06:11] (CAN1958) then a 9th out of 11 just didn't bound although it was symmetric to my eyes. :-)

[06:44] (@phi16) If you have a string of prolines and you make them all helices with the structure mode (2) does it form a proline helix?

[06:45] (@phi16) Do you have parallel proline helices?

[06:46] (CAN1958) Collagen picture show a sequence of PPGPPG not all PPPPPP.

[06:47] (CAN1958) Time for me to get some sleep :-)

[07:07] (CAN1958) Very low scoring structure, not worth doing it.

(Chat comments lightly edited.)

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