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Pull mode is one of the main modes in Foldit's original interface. It's the default mode for playing Foldit. The tools in this mode directly manipulate the shape of your protein.

As the name suggests, pull mode lets you adjust the shape of the protein with the Pull tool by clicking on the backbone and dragging with the mouse. You can also click on a sidechain and drag it to a new position, which doesn't change the shape of the backbone.

Actions menu in original interface.

Pull mode can be selected from the modes menu of the original interface, or by using the keyboard shortcut "1".

In pull mode, in addition to pulling on the backbone and sidechains, you have access to the following tools:

Pull-mode right-click (or control left-click) context menu.

Some of these tools are available from the Actions menu. Other tools can be accessed from the wheel menu when you right-click (or control-click) on the backbone of the protein.

Some tools, such as shake and wiggle, are available both from the actions menu and the wheel menu.

From the wheel menu, the action of a tool is generally local, affecting only part of the protein. From the Actions menu, the action of a tool is generally global, affecting the entire protein. The name of the tool may vary slightly in the two menus.

For example, Freeze from the action menu freezes or unfreezes the entire protein. From the wheel menu, the Freeze tool appears as either "Freeze Structure" or "Unfreeze Structure", and affects only the segment you click on and adjacent segments in the same secondary structure.

Shake and wiggle are similar, except that if you click on a sheet or helix, they affect both that structure and any adjacent loop sections. Also, wiggle from the wheel menu is local wiggle, which uses a different algorithm than a global wiggle. The exact details of how a local wiggle and a global differ are not known to Foldit players, but generally a local wiggle has less effect on the shape of the backbone.