Protein Pose and some scoring factors

The pose is the position, shape, or "conformation" of a protein at a point in time.

Many Foldit puzzles involve natural proteins. In these puzzles, the goal is to find the "native pose" of the protein.

In Foldit, you can save the current pose, which makes it a "solution". A solution is just a pose which has been saved to a file on your computer. You share a solution with your self, with members of your group, or with Foldit scientists. Shared solutions are stored on the Foldit server.

Foldit automatically saves four named poses. The "current" pose is just the most recent pose of the protein. The "credit best" (creditbest) pose reflects the highest score with conditions satisfied. The "absolute best" (absolutebest) pose is the highest score ignoring conditions. The "recent best" (recentbest]) pose can be reset on command, and is updated if the score improves.

These automatically saved poses can be restored using the Foldit user interface or using a recipe. For example, "Restore Very Best" from the undo menu restores the absolute best pose. Similarly, "Restore Credit Best" restores the credit best pose, and "Restore Rcnt Best" restores the recent best pose. The credit best pose is probably the one most frequently used.

Foldit also saves solutions automatically from time to time, and each time a quicksave is made manually or in a recipe. These solutions are available in the Open/Share Solutions menu when "show auto and quick saves" is checked.

Foldit interfacesEdit

There are Foldit Lua functions that work on each pose. The major difference is that only the recent best pose has a "Save" function. Otherwise, the same functions are available for all poses. Another difference is that there's no Restore function for the current pose.

The GetExplorationMultiplier and GetScore functions were used for obsolete exploration puzzles, and are deprecated for all four poses. The GetEnergyScore function should be used instead of GetScore.

The AreConditionsMet function is inconsistent for all four poses, and doesn't correctly reflect whether all absolute conditions have been met.

Many recipes rely on the recent best pose, but it has proven unreliable in some design puzzles. Some design puzzles allow players to add additional segments, using a condition to assess a penalty for each added segment. The function recentbest.GetEnergyScore doesn't correctly deduct this penalty, making direct comparisons impossible.

The absolute best and credit best poses also seem to have limited utility.

As a result, some recipes rely only on the current pose, and use quicksave to preserve other poses.

For each pose, the functions available are as follows:

pose Are

Conditions Met


Energy Score


Exploration Multiplier

GetScore Get

Segment Energy Score


Segment EnergyScore Subscore

Restore Save
current yes yes yes yes yes yes no no
recentbest yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
creditbest yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no
absolutebest yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no

The only outliers are recentbest.Save and current.Restore. The function recentbest.Save exists, resetting the recent best pose to the current pose. The other poses don't have a save function. There is no current.Restore function, so, if necessary, the current pose should be saved in a quicksave before restoring a different pose.

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