1. My protein has left the screen, what can I do? -- type Q or home key. On symmetry puzzles, you may have to unzoom (other keys)
  2. Is there a color blind mode? --There is a color blind option ingame in General Options
  3. How do I solve a specific tutorial puzzle?
  4. Do I need to be a scientist, to know biology to play Foldit? --No, many of the best players are not scientists.
  5. What is a group?
  6. How do I choose which group? --Read the Group pages on the Foldit website, and chat with people in global to determine the group that would be the best fit for you.
  7. Once I've decided on a group, how do I join it? --Find the group home page and click Join Team (or contact that group's admin).
  8. Where can I find good solutions ? -- In a group, you can download the best solutions your teammates have shared. Or you can see pictures that the winners posted for each expired puzzles.
  9. What's a cookbook?
  10. What's a recipe? --An automated script that can be downloaded from the Foldit website (you must be logged into the website for downloads).
  11. What are good recipes?
  12. How can I shut off the sounds/music? --Menu > General Options
  13. What is a loop? Sheet? Helix?
  14. What's the difference between puzzles  with  <150  and the others? --Those puzzles are only open to players with less than 150 global points.
  15. How do I get global points? --They are awarded at the end of every puzzle, depending on your score ranking.
  16. What's this gray ghostly protein shadow on some puzzles? --QTTN
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