Some Foldit puzzles have multiple starting poses. The goal of these puzzles is find the most promising pose and refine it.

A multistart puzzle starts with a randomly selected starting pose. Resetting the puzzle loads the next starting pose. Resetting the puzzle repeatedly eventually returns to the original randomly selected pose.

The "Reset Puzzle" icon on the Action or the Undo menu resets the puzzle, as does the shortcut key combination control+r. In a recipe, puzzle.StartOver can be used to reset the puzzle.

New multistart puzzles are rare, but there's a usually a Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle running as a beginner puzzle.

The description explains the multistart feature:

This small unsolved Arabidopsis protein only has 59 residues and negatively controls the biosynthesis of starch in plants and regulates leaf and seed composition. We are giving you 5 starts for this puzzle. Resetting the puzzle will cycle through these 5 Zhang server predictions. They are also in the Alignment Tool so you can use partial threading as well as an extended chain. For players with fewer than 150 global points.

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