Move tool

The Move tool in the original interface. The move tool is most useful when the protein has multiple sections, such as the ones created by cutpoints.

The Move tool lets you move the protein, or part of the protein, around in the Foldit window.

In the original interface, in Pull Mode, click on any segment in the protein to display the move tool.

In the Selection Interface, select one or more segments, and select the move tool by clicking on its icon (crossed arrows) or using the "3" keyboard shortcut.

In either interface, the move tool appears as crossed double arrows with a curved double arrow on the side. It's appearance is similar to the tweak tool, but the two tools are different.

If there are no open cutpoints, dragging on the arrows of the move tool has the same effect as dragging on the background. The protein rotates in the indicated direction, with no change in shape or score.

Right-clicking (or control-clicking) and dragging on the move tool has the same effect as right-clicking (or control-clicking) on the background. The protein moves in the Foldit window, and can be moved outside the visible area. Use the keyboard shortcut "Q" (lowercase "q") or the Home key on windows to make the protein visible again.

In a symmetry puzzle, the move tool can be used to align the main copy of the protein with the symmetric "shadow" copies. Similarly, in a "docking" puzzle (or similar design puzzle with separate sections), the move tool can be used to position the design section relative to the docking target. This type of move tends to change the score.

Cutpoints can be used to temporarily split the protein into sections. The cut sections can be moved around independently. The selection interface is slightly different than the original interface in how this works.

Moving a cut section - original interfaceEdit

In the original interface, one cut section can be moved at a time. Click on any segment of a cut section, then right-click (or control-click) and drag the section to a new position. If there are multiple cut sections, each one must be positioned separately.

Moving cut sections - selection interfaceEdit

Move disjoint selection

In the selection interface, the ability to select multiple disjoint segments means sections can be moved as a group despite open cutpoints.

The selection interface makes it possible to move multiple cut sections together, avoiding the necessity of closing and then re-opening cutpoints.

To move multiple cut sections, click on a segment in one cut section. Then control-click on a segment from each additional cut section. With at least one segment selected on each section to be moved, right-click (or control-click) and drag on the move tool to move the sections.

For example, if you have three sheets with cuts in the loop sections between them, click on one sheet, then control-click on the other two sheets to extend the selection. With one segment selected on each sheet, the three sheets can be moved as a unit, despite the open cutpoints between them.

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