Why would I want to record my Foldit gameplay?Edit

Recording and sharing videos of Foldit is really great for:

  • Helping new players learn
  • Sharing tips, tricks, and strategies with the Foldit community
  • Improving in-depth collaboration with your group
  • Journaling for your own self-improvement
  • Sharing cool timelapses of your solutions

How do I record Foldit?Edit

The best way to record Foldit is through Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS Studio.

  1. Download and install OBS Studio from their website:
  2. Follow one of these guides for setup instructions:

How do I livestream my gameplay?Edit

You can stream your gameplay live using Twitch, then other players can watch your screen in real-time. A great guide on using OBS Studio to record and streaming to Twitch is available here:

How do I edit my recordings?Edit


Use OpenShot Video Editor. A tutorial is available here:


Use Apple iMovie. A tutorial is available here:

How do I make a timelapse?Edit


Making a timelapse in OpenShot Video Editor:


Use Apple iMovie. A tutorial is available here:

How do I share my videos?Edit

Posting to YouTubeEdit

Posting to this WikiEdit

  1. Upload your video to YouTube
  2. Click Add in the top right of the main page of this wiki to make a new page OR navigate to an exiting page and click Edit in the top right
  3. Click the video icon and enter the URL of your YouTube video

Posting to FacebookEdit

Posting to TwitterEdit

Ideas for videos that would be helpful for the communityEdit

  • Tutorials for intermediate techniques
  • Solving Revisited puzzles (for new players to learn)
  • Tips, tricks, and shortcuts you wish you knew when you first started playing

What makes popular, entertaining videosEdit

Tips for Streaming Edit

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