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  • CASP - Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
  • CASP 9 - More about CASP and also about CASP 9 puzzles.
  • Clashing Importance - The CI slider is a very powerful tool. Explanations on how to use it.
  • Clear - Explains the Clear button, deletes all the history info from the Undo menu, can't be undone!
  • Club - The Thinkers and Tinkers Club page, playing strategies.
  • Cold Shock - Pictures of solutions of Foldit puzzle "Cold Shock".
  • Compactness - Protein structures are naturally compact. Techniques on compacting your protein.
  • Conditions - Some Foldit puzzles have conditions that must be met.
  • Constraints - Limits the positions of certain bonds, and sometimes the positions of a ligand.
  • Contact Map - What and How, all you ever wanted to know about the "Contact Map".
  • Contest - How to create your own contest for everyone to play.
  • Cookbook - Discribing everything about recipies. Different types and how to run write and tweek them.
  • Copper Ion Binding - Pictures of solutions to the Copper Ion Binding Foldit puzzle.
  • Covalent bond - Important information on how to form covalent bonds.
  • Cysteine - A short hydrophobic (orange) amino acid.










  • Main Index - This page. Home to the Main Index.
  • Manual Rebuild - Opening to Middlegame strategy; focuses on manually rebuilding a protein structure.
  • Methionine - A hydrophobic (orange) amino acid.
  • Middlegame - Description of Middlegame.
  • Mode - The four Foldit interface modes; Pull, Structure, Note, and Design.
  • Mojo - Mojo is the tendency of any folded protein to revert to its current state after a disturbance.
  • More Banding Techniques - How to use bands.
  • Mouse Functions - Lists game functions accessible with the computer mouse itself.
  • Multiple Foldit Clients - Information about playing Foldit on multiple clients, on one computer (Windows, Mac).
  • Mutate Sidechains - Describes the Mutate Sidechains tool.



  • Oldies FAQs - Questions & answers about Foldit.
  • Online Resources - External links on information about proteins, protein folding, and protein structure prediction.
  • Open/Share Solutions - Descriptions of Open/Share window. If you are on a team, you can share your solutions.
  • Opening - Description and points of interest about the Opening game in Foldit.
  • Oracle - The Oracle tool and what it does.
  • Origami and Folding - The art of origami and the science of Foldit (philosophy).










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