The table below is adapted from Foldit Lua Functions (v1). "V1" was the original version of the Foldit Lua interface.

For each function in V1, the table shows the equivalent "V2" function, and links to the detail page for that function.

Many of the V1 functions are almost identical to their V2 counterparts. A few are marked as "similar to" V2 functions.

For example, the V1 functions "do_global_wiggle_all", "do_global_wiggle_backbone" and "do_global_wiggle_sidechains" are all similar to "structure.WiggleSelected" in V2. In structure.WiggleSelected, two optional arguments specify whether to wiggle the backbone and the sidechains.

Several V1 functions like "do_shake" and the wiggle functions have an optional "iterations" argument. In the equivalent V2 functions, iterations must be specified. In V1, the user was expected to stop the function manually if the number of iterations wasn't specified. Most users prefer recipes that can be left to run unattended, however.

Some V1 functions such as "select_index" take a variable-length list of segments. In V2, the equivalent function, selection.Select, takes only a single segment. In general, the V2 functions don't have variable-length argument lists. The "print" function does handle a variable number of arguments, however.

This table shows only the V1 functions. There are many additional V2 functions which don't have V1 equivalents.

V1 name V2 name
set_behavior_clash_importance behavior.SetClashImportance
band_add_segment_segment band.AddBetweenSegments
band_delete band.Delete
do_shake structure.ShakeSidechainsSelected
restore_credit_best creditbest.Restore
get_aa structure.GetAminoAcid
band_disable band.Disable
do_unfreeze_all freeze.UnfreezeAll
get_ranked_score current.GetScore
do_local_wiggle structure.LocalWiggleSelected
band_set_strength band.SetStrength
select_index_range selection.SelectRange
select_index similar to selection.Select
select_all selection.SelectAll
save_structure save.SaveSecondaryStructure
restore_recent_best recentbest.Restore
reset_puzzle puzzle.StartOver
reset_recent_best recentbest.Restore
get_band_count band.GetCount
load_structure save.LoadSecondaryStructure
get_platform ui.GetPlatform
get_segment_score_part current.GetSegmentEnergySubscore
deselect_index similar to selection.Deselect
get_exploration_score current.GetExplorationMultiplier
replace_ss structure.SetSecondaryStructure
replace_aa structure.SetAminoAcidSelected
quicksave save.Quicksave
quickload save.Quickload
do_sidechain_snap rotamer.SetRotamer
is_hydrophobic structure.IsHydrophobic
do_local_rebuild structure.RebuildSelected
get_sidechain_snap_count rotamer.GetCount
get_segment_score current.GetSegmentEnergyScore
get_segment_distance structure.GetDistance
get_segment_count structure.GetCount
get_score current.GetScore
do_global_wiggle_backbone similar to structure.WiggleSelected
get_ss structure.GetSecondaryStructure
do_global_wiggle_sidechains similar to structure.WiggleSelected
do_mutate structure.MutateSidechainsSelected
do_global_wiggle_all similar to structure.WiggleSelected
do_freeze similar to freeze.FreezeSelected
band_set_length band.SetGoalLength
deselect_all selection.DeselectAll
print print
band_enable band.Enable
are_conditions_met current.AreConditionsMet
restore_abs_best absolutebest.Restore
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