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Note: this page is obsolete. Foldit can now export and import recipes to and from the file system. Notepad++ is still a good editor, but this page will probably be deleted in the near future. Also, the title says "Wordpad++", but of course it's "Notepad++".

See Editing Foldit Recipes for the user-friendly way to work with an external editor.

At the moment, unfortunately Foldit doesn't offer any possibility to export scripts, under operating systems other than Windows.

In Windows, you can export a script by merely editing the script. Click into the window. Press Ctrl+C. Then click into another program such as Notepad++ and paste.

This also works in the other direction. Click into the window and press Ctrl+V to paste over the existing content.

Editing in other operating systems[]

The following text is for exporting and importing Lua scripts (it could also work on GUI scripts) using Notepad++.

This method can work on other operating systems, but there will be another place where the files are stored.

NOTEPAD++ is an open-source and very comfortable Text-Editor with many functions, provided by SourceForge.

You can download it here:

Before you start, I recommend that you have a look at Lua Export and Import of Scripts using Text and HEX editor, because the first steps are the same (from 3. of "Things you need" through "Trimming the file") .

How to do it:

Download and Install NOTEPAD++

Do the same steps as described in 3. "Things you need" through "Trimming the file".


Open all.macro with the File tab (Ctrl-o)

The Option "Show all symbols" (Pilcrow-Symbol, the reversed Double-P) will help, we activate it.

Click replace in the Search tab (Ctrl-h)

uncheck "in selection", so it's guaranteed, that everything is replaced.

uncheck "match whole word only"

uncheck "match case" (if checked)

Click search mode: extended

Use "replace" (in the edit tab of your text editor).

Replace all \\n with \n (to turn linefeed as text to a real linefeed) Replace all \r with nothing (to remove carriage-return information, as it is not needed)

This will result the linefeed as in the game's editor.

Now Click search mode: normal

Replace all \\\" with " Replace all \\\, with , Replace all \\\# with #.In general, replace every \\\x with x

If you are sure, that you haven't used any \ in the script you can replace all \ by nothing.

Your script is now ready to be edited, and inserted into Foldit again.