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In Foldit, a Lock means a segment can't be changed. Locks can apply the segment's backbone or its sidechain.

Locks are set by the puzzle's designer, and can't be changed by players. Certain types of design puzzles, particularly binder puzzles, use locks.

Locks are different than freezes. Players can freeze and unfreeze segments and sidechains.

In early versions of Foldit, freezes were referred to as locks. Some pages on this wiki still use "lock" to refer to a freeze.

Unlike a freeze, there's generally not a clear visual indication when segments are locked. Recipes can detect locked segments using structure.IsLocked. Certain color options, such as EnzDes, may show locked segments in a darker color than unlocked segments.

With freezes, recipes can use freeze.IsFrozen, which returns separate indicators for the backbone and the sidechain. With locks, there's only a single 'locked' indicator.

Locked segments may or may not have zero segment score. In some cases, a locked segment with a non-zero score may have an unlocked sidechain. The sidechain can potentially be moved to different positions, affecting the segment's score.