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The language options available for Set language.

Foldit relies on volunteer translators to translate the game's messages into different languages.

See Set language for a current list of the languages included in Foldit.

The client translation list on the Foldit website may have additional languages that haven't been included in Foldit.

Foldit Translations describes how to install a translation file for a language that hasn't already been included in Foldit.

Translating Foldit describes how to create a new translation.

Technical issues are preventing translations to non-European languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese from working in Foldit.

Completed translations[]

Note: this list of languages is outdated, see Set language for a more current list.

  • 25px-Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech = (Look for Seth's comment)
    • Language Code = cz
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • Potřebujete pomoc? Prosím, kontaktujte: Czech team Czech National Team
  • 25px-Flag of the Netherlands.png Dutch =
    • Language Code = nl
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • Heb je hulp nodig? Neem contact op met: Dutch team FoldIt@Netherlands
  • FlaggeDE.png German = (partial)
    • Language Code = de
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • German Wiki
    • Brauchen Sie Hilfe? Bitte kontaktieren Sie: German team SETI.Germany or player Madde
  • FlaggeItalien.png Italian =
    • Language Code = it
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • Italian Wiki
    • Hai bisogno di aiuto? Si prega di contattare: Italian team BOINC.Italy
  • 25px-Flag of Romania.png Romanian =
    • Language Code = ro
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • Aveti nevoie de ajutor? Vă rugăm să contactaţi:Romanian team ROMANIA Team
  • 25px-FlagRussia.png Russian = ,
    • Language Code = ru
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • Russian Wiki
    • Нужна помощь? Пожалуйста, обращайтесь:Russian team Russian team
  • FlagSpain.png Spanish (Spain) =
    • Language Code = es
    • [PO_FILE] =
    • Spanish Wiki
    • ¿Necesitas ayuda? Por favor, póngase en contacto con:
    • Other dialects: Flag of Cuba.png 25px-Flag of Peru.png 25px-Flag of El Salvador.png Flag of Argentina.png 25px-Flag of Mexico.png 25px-Flag of the Philippines.png

Requested translations[]

  • Arabia-25.png Arabic
    • Language Code =
  • Zhongguo-China-25.png Chinese
    • Language Code = cn
    • 需要幫助嗎?請聯繫:Chinese team Team China oe user bull
  • 25px-Flag of India.png Hindi
    • Language Code = in-hi
  • 25px-Flag of Greece.png Greek
    • Language Code = gr
    • Χρειάζεστε βοήθεια; Παρακαλούμε επικοινωνήστε με: Greek team Eὕρηκα! Heureka!
  • 25px-Flag of Hungary.png Hungarian
    • Language Code = hu
    • Segítségre van szüksége? Kérjük, lépjen kapcsolatba: Hungarian teams Team Hungary or Hungary
  • 25px-Flag of South Korea.png Korean
    • Language Code = ko
    • 당신은 도움이 필요 한거야? 에 문의하시기 바랍니다 SETIKAH@KOREA
  • Polska-Poland-25.png Polish
    • Language Code = pl
    • Potrzebujesz pomocy? Prosimy o kontakt: Polish team BOINC@Poland and player Rav3n_pl
  • Brasil-25.png Portugese (Brazilian)
    • Language Code = pt-br
    • See Portuguese translation for the steps to download and install Foldit user socramdm's translation.
  • Flag of Portugal.png Portugese (Portugal)
    • Language Code = pt-pt
  • 25px-Flag of Slovakia.png Slovack
  • Sverige-Sweden-25.png Swedish
    • Language Code = se

Note: New flags can be downloaded from or Wikipedia. Resize to 25x25 pixels, PNG

Note: Language codes should follow (to be consistent, use lowercase)

Note: When adding a new contact point, the English text is "Need help? Please contact:"