Beginner Puzzle: Klebsiella Pneumoniae 2RQX Solution structure and phospho-PmrA recognition mode of PmrD from Klebsiella pneumoniae.Luo, S.C.,  Lou, Y.C.,  Cheng, H.Y.,  Pan, Y.R.,  Peng, H.L.,  Chen, C. (2010) J.Struct.Biol. 172: 319-330

Just for fun, the #research channel is providing a prediction of the top score based on the mini-Rosetta scoring function. As of 6/16/2011, we are predicting a theoretical top score of: 21080 / 1.9 = 11094.736. At the moment, the top score is 10,037 (90%). If the prediction is sound, with 6 days left, there is considerable room for improvement.

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