Here are the Intro Puzzles, in order, as of June 2018.

The entry for each puzzle links to the puzzle's help page, and YouTube videos from Madde and Loci.

The videos don't have any voice narration, but they do include Foldit sound effects.

Madde's videos date back a few years. You may see some differences in the current intro puzzles, such as additional help popups. Some of Madde's videos were made using a German client, which ends up being a mix of German and English.

Loci's videos were created using the June 2018 release of Foldit, and are all in English. They include the newer intro puzzles, such as the ones introduced in November, 2017.

# help video M video L
1 One Small Clash Madde Loci
2 Swing It Around Madde Loci
3 Shake! Madde Loci
4 Backbones Collide Madde Loci
5 Close the Gap Madde Loci
6 Wiggle! Madde Loci
7 Sheets Together Madde Loci
8 Lonely Sheets Madde Loci
9 Lock and Lower Madde Loci
10 Sheets and Ladders Madde Loci
11 Hide the Hydrophobic Madde Loci
12 Hydrophobic Disaster Loci
13 Control Over Clashing Madde Loci
14 Turn It Down Madde Loci
15 Flippin' Sheets Madde Loci
16 The Right Rotation Madde Loci
17 Quest to the Native Madde Loci
18 Movin' Along Madde Loci
19 Electron Density Madde Loci
20 Remix Loci
21 Structure and Idealize Loci
22 Basic Threading Madde Loci
23 Cut and Paste Madde Loci
24 Alignin' Sequences Madde Loci
25 Make Five Bonds Loci
26 Disulfide Bonds Loci
27 Combo Conditions Loci
28 Hello Blueprint Loci
29 More Building Blocks Loci
30 Blueprint and Condition Loci
31 Intro to Design Madde Loci
32 Swappin' Sidechains Madde Loci
33 Mass Mutate Madde Loci
34 Insertion and Deletion Madde Loci
35 Ligand Debut Madde Loci
36 Ligand Constraints Madde Loci
37 DNA Pairing Madde Loci
38 DNA and Protein Madde Loci
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