What is Mibbit?Edit

Mibbit is a web based IRC client that can be used without having to download a program.

It can be used with any operating system and browser with relative ease, just follow the simple instructions and you will be up and chatting in no time. Javascript must be enabled.

But first, NOTE... Edit

That this method is most enjoyed when used with a New Foldit nickname for IRC purposes and the following explanation is geared to that.

This will give you your own YourFolditIRCnickname and "IRC key" (found on YourFolditIRCnickname Foldit page) to be used below.

So if you have not done so yet please visit that page and only follow the instructions for creating it (and joining your team with it). Only after that is done you can continue here.

Note also that until your IRC nickname is in your group you cannot connect to your group's chat from this external chat.


If you don't have a Foldit nickname for IRC puposes. Go back to the top and read again. ___________________________________________________________________________

Ok, you now have your own YourFolditIRCnickname and "IRC key".  Good!Edit

Now, the easiest way to reduce hassle is to open a free Mibbit account. You don't get spammed by Mibbit, so no worries there.

Go to and click the "Launch Mibbit Client" button on the left side of the Welcome screen.

Create a Mibbit accountEdit

You are taken to mibbit Home page/tab at "" or a very similar page (client## varies). To Create an Account click the "Create a new account" in the top right corner inside the box.  All it requires is a Mibbit Username (this is a new username that you chose for Mibbit only, it is in no way related to Foldit) ,a new Password of your choice and a valid email address (create a new one if you want on gmail or elsewhere), .

Now click the "Sign Up" button.  Now you have a Mibbit account :).

1) Mibbit Home small

mibbit Home chat page

Create a bookmarkEdit

First thing, save this page as a bookmark of your Mibbit chat page. Note that you can leave it open all the time (Foldit clients running or not). You will be using it, if you want, for all Foldit rooms including your Foldit group room.

Now to set it up for FolditEdit

Notice, in the top right corner of that page, you now can see your Mibbit username and a logout option next to it. Directly under that box you see the Mibbit menu:
0) Mibbit top-right buttons

mibbit menu

Click on the Mibbit menu "Account", the tab "Account" will open next to the Home tab. Enter your info like in the screenshot below...

  • Enter the E-Mail you used to create the Mibbit account and click the "Save changes" under it.
  • Click "Add new entry" under "My IRC accounts"
  • Under "Server", enter the address (or
  • Under "Nick", replace FolditIRC with YourFolditIRCnickname (that you created earlier).
  • Under "Pass", enter your own "IRC key" (found on YourFolditIRCnickname Foldit page).
  • Make sure the "Auth Method" and "Charset" are as shown
  • Click "Save changes" next to the "Add new entry" button
2a) Mibbit Account

2) Mibbit Account

Automatic connection to rooms (setup once, forget it, that is all)Edit

It is easier to configure Mibbit to connect you automatically to (all your preferred) designated channels.

Click on the Mibbit menu "Channels", the tab "Channels" will open. Enter your info like in the screenshot below...

  • Click "Add new entry" under "My Channels"
  • Under "Server", enter the address (or :6667 if you selected that earlier, only use the same address)
  • Under "Channels":
  • For multiple rooms, just use a comma between them, no space, like this: #global,#MyGroup,#veteran,... and so on (replace #MyGroup with the name of you group, capitalized and no space).
  • Example if a group's name is "Folders Rockers" then the room name to use is #FoldersRockers (no spaces)
  • (optional) you can add more entries for other chat rooms.
  • Check "Auto connect".
  • Click the "Save changes" button.

As an example, here you can see that I have not checked "Auto connect" for the room #puzzle_levels (a fictitious chat room that may or may not exist at because I do not wish to connect to it every time I refresh the Mibbit page but just when I want it by clicking "Connect now".

3a) Mibbit Channels-1

3) Mibbit Channels

Manual connection to rooms (not the best, it takes more effort every time)Edit

Now, you can just click "Connect now" and enter which rooms you want to manually as shown in the next screenshot.

You enter: /join #global (or whatever room you want) and hit enter. ( Do not put a space between forward slash and join, type as if one word, then do a space and #roomname.

3.1) Mibbit manual joining of a room

mibbit Manual connection

Using no Mibbit account (the bare minimum)Edit

5) Mibbit no account connect

mibbit casual

You can also use Mibbit as a casual user (a user with no Mibbit account), but you wont be able to customise it, nor use auto-connect, or if so inclined, log your chat to refer back to (useful for links etc).

To access #global and #veteran simply go to this Mibbit link Mibbit chat login.   Type a user name into the "Nick" box, no password required and click "Connect". (Thanks to Judecca for the easy link!)

You cannot connect to #YourGroup using this method.

Extras (and more)Edit

I have the Mibbit page saved in my favourites and Mibbit account set to auto log on, that way I don't have to muck around.  All I have to do is open my Mibbit bookmark and I get automatically connected to #global, #veteran and my group chat in seconds.

You can also go into Mibbit "Prefs" menu to setup Mibbit to your preferences.

I will add a link here later on, if you want to see my choices.

Later all and Happy Chatting / Folding!


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