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Partial contents of the file hotkeys.txt

The file hotkeys.txt is a Foldit configuration file, used to store the hotkey assignments, also known as keyboard shortcuts.

The standard Foldit "dictionary" format of keyword-value pairs is used for hotkeys.txt. The same format is used for other configuration files, such as options.txt and theme.txt.

The file hotkeys.txt is found in the default Foldit directory, for example c:\Foldit. See Foldit file and directory structure for more on file locations.

The Configure Keyboard Shortcuts dialog under General Options is the preferred way to update hotkey assignments. Any updates are saved to hotkeys.txt when Foldit exits. Updates may be lost if Foldit crashes.

Like options.txt and theme.txt, hotkeys.txt does not have a digital signature. Users can change it with text editor. This approach is not recommended, since the rules for a valid hotkey assignment are complex.

Like other configuration files, hotkeys.txt is only read when Foldit starts up. Changes while Foldit is running are ignored. When Foldit closes normally, hotkeys.txt is overwritten with the current assignment.

Users who modify the default hotkey settings should be sure to back up or copy hotkeys.txt when reinstalling Foldit or creating a new instance of Foldit.