[21:55:25] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:56:26] <pletsch> pick an end and band sidechains with 3 or less segments between them

[21:56:32] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:57:12] <pletsch> since the turn is short, it can be assuemd these go together

[21:57:14] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:57:33] <pletsch> here too

[21:57:36] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:57:58] <pletsch> and here

[21:58:01] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:58:21] <pletsch> so end up with 3 sheet groups

[21:58:23] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:58:55] <pletsch> couple bands to hold together

[21:58:58] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:59:15] <pletsch> a couple to pull it together

[21:59:17] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[21:59:34] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:00:07] <pletsch> now is where i would normally look at server prediction on puzzle page

[22:00:54] <pletsch> there is enough chance that the 3 helix segments are one helix (since it's not likeley there at all anyway, to join them into one

[22:01:04] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:01:54] <pletsch> rebuild into helix shape

[22:02:12] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:02:47] <pletsch> freeze structures

[22:02:51] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:03:45] <pletsch> start with first sheet group

[22:03:53] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:04:08] <pletsch> going to shift middle sheet to put phobics on same side as other sheet

[22:04:19] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:04:38] <pletsch> band

[22:04:41] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:05:18] <pletsch> wiggle them together

[22:05:31] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:05:46] <pletsch> i think that right one will come down a couple segments, but we will see

[22:06:18] <pletsch> band next set and wiggle together

[22:06:22] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:06:55] <pletsch> helix in the way so band it out and rebuild to move

[22:06:58] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:07:04] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:07:27] <pletsch> tweak shift sheet

[22:07:34] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:07:54] <pletsch> reband

[22:08:04] <pletsch> and wiggle

[22:08:07] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:09:18] <pletsch> won't pull together so rebuild turn

[22:09:21] <pletsch> IMAGE:


[22:09:59] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:10:41] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:11:04] <pletsch> join 2 short sheets

[22:11:07] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:12:46] <pletsch> bandies

[22:12:48] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:13:42] <pletsch> sometimes you have to move the larger sidechains to get the sheets to pull together or the sidechains will push them away from each other, or make only part connect

[22:15:30] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:15:38] <pletsch> had to kill the two single helix dots at the ends of the sheets to get them to connect too

[22:16:09] <pletsch> now shake and wiggle out

[22:18:13] <pletsch> dosome inor rebuilds to clean up turns between sheets to free up where they are binding and not connecting with h bonds

[22:18:24] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:19:21] <pletsch> and it's still rough but coming together

[22:19:36] <pletsch> shake and wiggle out to get sheets to settle in together

[22:19:42] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:20:41] <pletsch> now to try and figure out hwo the three sets of sheets come together and where to stick the helix

[22:21:10] <silverirc> The place where I usually get stuck.

[22:21:21] <pletsch> a lot of large sidechains on this one, tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenalalanine

[22:21:50] <pletsch> those often group together and stack on top of each other, not so much trpy but the other two

[22:22:40] <pletsch> so i'm going to take a stab at it that they gome somewhere in these areas and band

[22:22:45] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:23:29] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:23:34] <timoteusirc> do you change options on those rubber bands? or just go with the default?

[22:23:40] <pletsch> default

[22:24:00] <pletsch> can weaken thme if you want, but i usually just wiggle in short bursts to keep it all together

[22:24:24] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:24:33] <pletsch> one set is trying to pull to the side of the other

[22:25:06] <pletsch> i'l take that as a sign from the folding gods

[22:25:09] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:25:51] <timoteusirc> you just became my handfold god

[22:25:57] <pletsch> lol

[22:26:01] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:26:03] <persephone977> heh

[22:26:07] <pletsch> other one wants in the act too

[22:26:13] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:26:56] <pletsch> it's ugly with mismatched sheets

[22:27:02] <pletsch> different lengths and all together

[22:27:26] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:27:50] <pletsch> bring helix in

[22:27:53] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:29:29] <pletsch> and now try to figure out a way to make it look liek a real protein

[22:29:36] <pletsch> unfreeze

[22:29:40] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:29:44] <pletsch> shake wiggle

[22:30:21] <persephone977> sometimes I wish I could physically take them in my hands and shape them...

[22:30:34] <persephone977> maybe one day haptics will be good enough...

[22:30:38] <pletsch> there are ways

[22:30:40] <pletsch> lol

[22:31:25] <pletsch> after its settled together ok, kill bands

[22:31:29] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:31:41] <pletsch> wiggle it out

[22:32:16] <pletsch> still far from right, but it's a starting point that has some structure to work with

[22:32:19] <pletsch> IMAGE:

[22:32:38] <pletsch> ;) fin ! I think

[22:32:49] <pletsch> now comes the hard part of trying different configurations

[22:33:32] <pletsch> i will usually rebuild out the reddest spots first though to get rid of kinks and have an idea of where different sheet placements will score

[22:40:05] <@marie_s> for precision , al was ci=1?

[22:40:12] <pletsch> YEAH


[22:40:27] <pletsch> stupid cpas key

[22:40:46] <persephone977> beset by typo demons

[22:41:11] <pletsch> i think i dropped it to about .15 once to shake when a lot of stuff was bunched together

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