Foldit players start out as soloists, working on their own solutions.

Players can join a group, which allows them to play as evolvers. Evolvers work to improve solutions that have been shared by other members of their groups.

Groups have their own place in the Foldit rankings.

See the Foldit groups page for a list of current groups.

Group members have access to the following group resources:

  • group-shared solutions (only for puzzles which open after a player joins a group)
  • group-shared recipes
  • the group's IRC channel
  • the group's forum on the site

Some groups are available for anyone to join, others are restricted. The Foldit "add group" page describes how memberships are handled:

  • Open - membership requests are accepted immediately
  • Moderated - membership requests must be approved
  • Invite only - membership must be created by an administrator
  • Closed - membership is exclusively managed by an administrator

The "add groups" page states:

  • When you select closed, users will not be able to join or leave.

Given this description, the utility of closed group seems doubtful.

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