Foldit Wiki

General options menu.

The general options menu contains several settings that affect the look-and-feel of Foldit. These options include:

  • Sound effects - these include popping voids and banging clashes, which some may enjoy
  • Background music - a somewhat repetitive ambient soundtrack
  • Colorblind mode - a different set of colors for those with limited color vision
  • Switch right/middle click - option for left-handed mouse users
  • Reduce network bandwidth - may speed up certain operations over slow internet connections
  • Show advanced GUI - enables addition View Options, see Advanced GUI
  • Disable non-Group chat - limits chat to the player's group channel, intended for school groups playing Foldit

Most users turn off sound effects and background music, and enable the advanced GUI.

The general options menu also shows the build ID, which contains information about the version of Foldit being used. The "Copy" button copies the build ID to the clipboard, allowing it to be pasted into a Feedback.

The general options menu also shows the Update Group, which determines which updates the Foldit client receives.