The Set amino acid command as seen in the Foldit GUI recipe editor.

Set amino acid is a command used in GUI recipes in Foldit.

Set amino acid changes the amino acid type of one or more segments. This command only works on design puzzles, which have mutable segments.

Set amino acid uses two ingredients: amino acid and segments.

The amino acids available in the Set amino acid command.

The amino acid ingredient is a choice of one of the twenty amino acids used in Foldit.

The segments ingredient can be specified in three ways:

  • All
  • By Stride
  • User Pick

Using "all" for the segments ingredient causes all segments in the puzzle to be changed to the selected amino acid.

In contrast, using "by stride" for the segments ingredient causes only specific segments to be changed. See by stride for more on this option.

The "user pick" option for the segments ingredient means the user is prompted to pick segments by clicking on them when the recipe reaches the command. A user pick is similar to selecting segments in the selection interface, but there are some differences. See user pick for more on this option.

See Segments Ingredient for a complete explanation of specifying segments.

Set structure is similar to mutating segments manually in the original or selection interfaces. The equivalent Lua commands are structure.SetAminoAcid or structure.SetAminoAcidSelected.

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